by Nicholas Yaeger

Today is Saturday , January 29 , 2005

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Okay, so it's time to finally retire Gameshow. The creative well has dried up.

Now, I'm not leaving completely. "The Superheroine WrongWay" is still around, and I'll probably have a new comic sooner or later.

I just stopped caring about drawing "Gameshow", brimming with ideas and all.

My next project'll be "", a comedy about bounty hunting with fantasy elements slowly mixed in. Check for it later on.

Well, later days.

Nike Young


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Jake Ragnor


Okay, I'm going to be cleaning up, doing stuff I want to do. I'll make some improvements, some additions, some modifications, and some insults of varous people.

The new comic won't be up until Friday. I apologize to the three people that'll effect. As for the other 197 people, |<I$$ |V|y G0|>|>@|V||\| @$$


- Nike Y. 2002/12/19 22:40:33

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Hello fine folks out in cyberspace ! This'll be a short rant:

I have now joined the ComicGenesis forums (In my real name: JRaygor. Since I'll probably be doing more that just talking about Gameshow), hope to see you all there and together we can double the Gameshow fanbase !!!

(Current Gameshow Fanbase: 2)

Untill next time

Jake R.

(Nike: small note: the comicgenesis forums are just for webcomic owners and co-owners, like Jake here, so don't come if you don't have a webcomic Go to our voy forum at if you want to be part of our fanbase)

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